BB14 photocap: Any questions?

So here’s my first attempt at a Big Brother 14 photocap. I’m not going to post a recap of the episode, but if you haven’t watched it yet; you can watch it online by visiting either CBS or Global tv.

I’ve been inspired by entertainment writer Ben Mandelker of Bside blog to create these photocaps. He does a terrific job and I’ve always wanted to make my own. Luckily, I have a website now!

Note: This photocap contains spoilers from yesterday’s episode.

Let the photocap begin…

I like Frank, he’s a good guy. We think alike. If we teamed up, the game would be ours. I wonder if Frank would be mad if I nominate him? LET’S DO IT.


Wil: Shouldn’t Ashley be tanning with us?

Britney: Yeah, all the blondes need to tan and look hot.

Janelle: Ashley doesn’t do real tanning. She uses 100% natural spray tan.


Where’s Ian? I want to tie him up, get him naked and spray tan his cute little butt.


Sigh. I’m on the block AND I’m unemployed… what could be worse? At least I still have awesome hair.


Daddy’s home! Any questions? ANY QUESTIONS?


God, shut up Boogie.


That wasn’t a question.  ANY QUESTIONS?


UMM NO, I’m pretty sure I don’t have any questions.


Britney: OMG, I’m so tired of these big brother twists. This is twisted.



What did you think about the new coaches competition?

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