BB14 photocap: Froogie gets a dog

This season continues to keep me entertained. I hope this photocap from Janelle’s eviction episode does the same for you.


PS. I may have crossed the line with the Danielle jokes, oh well.

Let the barking begin!

Ian dog pic

Ashley just took me for a pee walk.


Ian dog house

I’m in the dog house because I got excited and peed on Ashley.


Froogie showmance

The Froogie showmance is growing strong. As Frank and Boogie move forward with their relationship, they decided their next step was to get a dog!


silent 6

OMG the silent six. Such a clever name. Let’s celebrate by NOT BEING SILENT.



Let it be known, America. I am no longer a backdoor virgin!



If I knew someone was taking this photo I would have put on makeup.



I would let Shane backdoor me all night. Have you seen my southern booty?



HEY AMERICAAA (and Canada). I played terrible this season but I hope you still love me.



My dad must be so proud of me. Survival of the vicious!



I’m so over Boogie. He’s a loser. I can’t wait to go home and check Joker Updates! OH… and see my new-born child.


Are you happy with the results? Did you want Janelle to leave?

Personally, I was hoping she would last longer. There are many people in this house I would have rather seen leave over Blonde Katniss.

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  • LOL

  • Awesome post!
    Joe needs to go next.

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