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Big Brother Canada 2 – Cast revealed – Let the judgement begin

Big Brother Canada cast - season two

Attention friends, the time has finally arrived. Slice has just released the Big Brother Canada cast for season 2! Let’s take a look and check out my wildly superficial judgments of the cast members based solely on their photos, their bios, and where they reside from… But first, read the SMALL PRINT I don’t mean to offend anyone by this blog and if you do get offended… try not to take this so seriously. Each […]


Big Brother Canada photocap: Jury Duty

BBCAN Jury Duty

Hello fellow BBCAN fans. Welcome to Lallster’s first ever jury house photocap. The producers have been nice enough to provide Canada with photos from our bitter friends at the jury house. And with that said, I’ve decided to use this opportunity to create a lovely photocap. I swear I’m not writing this at work. Let’s take a look at what the jury is up to… Peter: Some people may think I hold onto Liza’s hair […]


Big Brother Canada: Tom and Liza exit interview with Rob Cesternino

Tom and Liza BBCAN

Check out Rob Cesternino’s latest exit interview with power couple Tom and Liza. It’s long but it’s a gooder! Don’t you love the power of Skype? For more reality TV goodness visit Original video from   P.S I’ll try to do more BBCAN photocaps soon!


Big Brother Canada: Danielle Alexander exit interview with Rob Cesternino


I know I’ve been slacking with the BBCAN posts for the past week or so. I’ve been extremely busy being sick with the flu (not by my own choice might I add). Fortunately, I am feeling better so expect more posts soon! To make up for my absence, here is an exclusive interview with Danielle Alexander talking with Rob Cesternino after her exit from the house. For those of you who don’t know Rob. He […]


Big Brother Canada photocap: The more we get together…

BBCAN ep 1 - Danielle

The Big Brother Canada premiere was a GREAT success last night. Arisa Cox lived up to her destiny despite displaying feelings of nervoso via twitter a few hours prior. The individual intro stories were edited with superb precision. Props to the video editor because they never seem to get enough recognition in the tv/video industry. I also like how they only showcased five house guests at a time, it helped me remember who everyone was. […]


Big Brother Canada cast revealed. Time to judge them!

Well, ladies and gentlemen, the time has finally come! Slice has just released the newest Big Brother Canada cast. Let’s take a look and check out my wildly superficial judgments of the cast members based solely on their photos, their bios, and where they reside from… Jillian MacLaughlin When I first read her name I thought her last was McLuvin, but then I realized it was MacLaughlin. Which confused me a bit. Wouldn’t it be […]


Big Brother Canada host announced

Arisha Cox - Big Brother Canada host

New Big Brother Canada host Arisa Cox Big Brother Canada has announced their very own Canadian Chenbot– Arisa Cox. You may be thinking, “who is she?” I decided to do some digging and it turns out she works for E! News. I figured we would get a host who has connections to E!/Entertainment Tonight. We have slim pickings in Canada after all. I thought we would get someone like Rick Campanelli  or Amanda Walsh. And […]