BB14 photocap: Tongues and regrets

Another win for Shane as he continues his reign as HoH. I’m not surprised though. He is by far the most athletic in the house. Here are some coles notes from the episode on sunday:

Janelle won the coaches competition an gave Wil nomination immunity for this week.

Due to Wil being safe, Shane decided to put up Joe and Ashley as payback for them breaking the alliance during week 1. However, Britney advised Shane to put up Frank instead of Ashley because she was hoping Janelle’s team would go at war with Boogie. But alas, that didn’t happen. And now two people from Janelle’s team are on the block and Boogie’s team is sitting pretty. (For now…)

Let the photocap begin

Danielle: Hey Shane. Do you want to cuddle?

Shane: Not really. I’m pretty tired…

Danielle: Are you interested in a showmance?

Shane: How about a NOmance.


Joe: I invented handshakes.


Boogie: Wow. The things I would do with Janelle’s tongue. Giddy up… daddys home!

Britney: This is f***ing disgusting.


Joe: I invented lockers.


Joe: and chin straps.


OK everyone, this was a hard decision. I need your advice.

If I decide to have a showmance with Danielle…should we be called Dane or Shanielle?

Being nominated was not on my dream board. WHY CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?


Frank: Thanks for not nominating me. You will probably regret this when I win HoH next week. #appreesh

Shane: No prob. I know this is off topic, but who is that scary-looking grim reaper chick beside us?

Jenn: It’s me guys, Jenn.

Shane/Frank: WHO?


I really should have nominated Frank…

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  • LOL @ the first photocap. Dani is so desperate.

  • Haha please make more of these! Shane is a sexy beast.
    Nice Hunger Games vs. Big brother post btw.

    Blonde katniss is hot.

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