BB14 meets The Hunger Games

Big Brother 14 has arrived and it is different than any season you’ve ever seen before. Why, you ask? Probably because the Big Brother producers added The Hunger Games twist to the mix.

I like it.

When I first read The Hunger Games, I always thought the story was a combination of Battle Royale and Big Brother. Mainly because the contestants were killing each other (can someone say eviction?) and they were trapped in their own “Big Brother” arena. Of course, the stakes were  different. Winning $500, 000 vs. NOT DYING. But still, my similarity senses were tingling.

For this season, four veteran houseguests have been brought back to the house to act as coaches. Each coach will get three houseguests. If their houseguest wins the game, the coach will win $100,000.

In The Hunger Games, each district had their own coach who would help them out during the games. How is this not the same?

Let’s take a look at how these veteran Big Brother coaches match up with our friendly advice-givers from The Hunger Games.

Mike Boogie | Haymitch

I’m sure Boogie would act like Haymitch if he was an alcoholic. Plus, they kind of look alike. How about that!

Britney Haynes | Effie Trinket

Britney is well-spoken, organized and always gets her way. Except for that one season where she totally got played by the BROgrade. Let’s pretend to forget about that. I’m sure Effie would have great diary room sessions, just like Britney.

Dan Gheesling | Cinna

Dan the man and Cinna the winna! Both are extremely smart individuals. They are real coaches with real game plans. In addition, they both enjoy lounging on couches all day. Huzzah!

Janelle Pierzina | Katniss

Janelle is extremely athletic and smart. She holds the record for most competitions won in any season. She is a winner, and this is why her counterpart is blonde Katniss.


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  • Ha… so true. Boogie really does look like Haymitch.

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