Big Brother Canada photocap: The more we get together…

The Big Brother Canada premiere was a GREAT success last night. Arisa Cox lived up to her destiny despite displaying feelings of nervoso via twitter a few hours prior. The individual intro stories were edited with superb precision. Props to the video editor because they never seem to get enough recognition in the tv/video industry. I also like how they only showcased five house guests at a time, it helped me remember who everyone was.

This just in! Tom Plant works at a bar down the street from my office. Who would have thought? My co-workers and I go there for drinks occasionally. Odds are I have ordered a drink from him sometime throughout my life. Which is good because he doesn’t look like the kind of guy who would serve watered down drinks. Man, do I ever hate when that happens.

For those of you reading my blog for the first time I will explain what these photocaps are all about. Basically, I use photos from the most current Big Brother episode and add funny captions to them… hoping you will laugh, or at least smirk a bit. I try to create a photocap for every episode so check back regularly.

Before I begin, I just want to say these photocaps are just for fun. I don’t mean to offend anyone by them and if you do get offended you shouldn’t take this so seriously. Each person in the house is talented in his or her own way and I respect them all. They signed up for this… and quite frankly if I was on the show I would be offended if no one wrote about me on the internet!

Let the first ever BBCAN photocap begin

Arisa Cox aka Oprah

Hi, my name is Arisa Cox and I’m practically the Canadian version of Oprah.

BBCAN episode 1 - AJ celebrity apprentice

AJ: Where is Donald Trump? I thought this photo was used for my Celebrity Apprentice application


BBCAN episode 1 - AJ celebrity apprentice 2 Money, money, money, MONEYYY


BBCAN ep 1 - Alec

Alec: I kept insisting, but Big Brother Canada wouldn’t let me take off my shirt for this photoshoot


BBCAN ep 1 - Tom

Tom: I’m a firefighter and bartender. I like plants


BBCAN ep 1 - Kat

Kat: No freaking way! I’m a bartender too


BBCAN ep 1 - Gary

Gary: Bitchs, please. There can only be one bartender. And his name is GARY F’in LEVY


BBCAN ep 1 - Aneal

Aneal: Oops, almost forgot to pack my leopard man thong


BBCAN ep 1 - Liza

Liza: Oops, almost forgot to pack my tanning spray, tanning lotion, sunless bronzer, normal bronzer, night-time bronzer and regular bronzer


BBCAN ep 1 - Jillian

Jillian: I hope this red toque matches my red top. I want everyone to know this is Big Brother Canada. Much more classy.


BBCAN ep 1 - Jillian desks

Jillian: I really am the best teacher around, my students look up to me. Especially when I jump on their desks.


BBCAN ep 1 - Talla

Talla: I better not get voted out first, or I will literally haunt your walls. And hurt you.


BBCAN ep 1 - Andrew

Andrew: My twin is my best friend, I feel like my brother is always with me. I wish you all had twins like me.


BBCAN ep 1 - Suzette twinsies

Suzette: That can be arranged. OMG, TWINZIES


BBCAN ep 1 - Arisa twinsies

Arisa: Two can play at this game. Get it? TWO? TWINS?


BBCAN ep 1 -Kat rambler

Alec: Wow, what’s your name beautiful? Let’s hug.

Danielle: I’m Danielle. What’s your na…



BBCAN ep 1 - Emmett

Emmett: So Peter… what do you do for a living?


BBCAN ep 1 - Peter

Peter: Youtube.


BBCAN ep 1 - Eliza stare down


BBCAN ep 1 - Suzette phone 1

Suzette: Topaz, please be quiet. I’m on the phone…


BBCAN ep 1 - Suzette phone 1

Suzette: Seriously Topaz, don’t make me tell you one more time…


BBCAN ep 1 - Suzette phone 3

Topaz: Skank! How dare she not let me talk on the phone. I doubt she’s even a radio host…. probably one of those late night call girls.


BBCAN ep 1 - Suzette and AJ

AJ: I want to bang every woman who wins HoH. I’ll start by daydreaming about Suzette in the back of my car.


BBCAN ep 1 - Danielle

Danielle: YES, they are real. And if you don’t believe I will give you the uncensored version of my finger


BBCAN ep 1 - Which bed should I take?



What did you think about the first episode of Big Brother?

I was talking to my friend Hoyz and we both decided that having an actual “identity” for Big Brother is awesome. It’s like the other Big Brother’s around the world (minus USA).

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Ciao for now.

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