Big Brother Canada cast revealed. Time to judge them!

Well, ladies and gentlemen, the time has finally come! Slice has just released the newest Big Brother Canada cast.

Let’s take a look and check out my wildly superficial judgments of the cast members based solely on their photos, their bios, and where they reside from…

Jillian MacLaughlin

When I first read her name I thought her last was McLuvin, but then I realized it was MacLaughlin. Which confused me a bit. Wouldn’t it be ironic if she had loud and boisterous laugh? Then I could nickname her McLaughin. After reading her bio on Slice, my first impression is that she’s a classy woman. She is a 27 year old teacher but they don’t mention what grade she teaches. How can I judge her character if I don’t know this important piece of information? It says she just got out of a long-term relationship, which probably means she’s believes in girl-power now more than ever. Perhaps she will have trust issues with her fellow male housemates? Will she start an all female alliance? Or maybe she is so torn up over her relationship that she will use one of her fellow male housemates as a rebound. She doesn’t seem like the type but you never know!

BBCAN survival rating: 6/10

Thomas Plant


What’s this? Someone from Edmonton? If you don’t know, I myself live in good ol’ Edmonton. However, this guy is originally from Calgary which means he is not a true E-towner. I like how Slice made note of that in his bio. What can I say about this guy? He’s a firefighter and a bartender. That’s pretty cool. If I wanted to be really judgmental based on his job title(s), I could say he’s either a really nice guy or a really big douche. I’ll let you guys be the judge of that. Personally, I would prefer if he was a florist. Only because that’s the only joke I could come up with due to the lack of creativity in his last name haha. I’m sure he will be great at physical challenges, which may be his downfall if he comes out too strong in the beginning. In his bio he says he will always speak up…which makes for good TV but it won’t help you win the $100,000. Personally, I think he will be one of the first to be voted out. Sorry bro! I do wish you luck, though.

BBCAN survival rating: 2/10

Peter Brown


Peter Brown is a Web Content Curator and if you don’t know what that is don’t worry. I am here to give you a simple explanation. A web content curator picks the best content that is important and relevant to share, usually for a given audience. A lot of the times it’s for posting on social media. You have to be smart, you have to write catchy headings and you need to know how to organize your content. I do some of this for my “real-life job” so I know first hand what he does! He’s got the urban trendy-look going on, he describes himself as mean, funny and intelligent. Which I also think is very interesting. You know you will have good TV when someone actually believes they are mean. He doesn’t like people who walk slowly and as such, I agree with him 100%. Move out of the way slow-walkers. I think Peter will go far in the game which is why I am giving him the highest BBCAN survival rating out of everyone.

BBCAN survival rating: 9/10

Talla Rejaei


Look out, Talla Rejaei is in the hau5! Talla is a 26 year old Persian gal who is a Living Support Worker and Social Work student. And like Thomas, she is also from Edmonton. Guess what folks? I have the inside scoop on Talla. My good friend (who shall remain anonymous) knows Talla first-hand and I’m here to give you an outlook on her true personality. According to my inside scoop, when people first meet Talla they tend to judge her as “the ditzy one”. But once you get to know her she is very open and honest. Which may not be a good thing, she will say whatever is on her mind and she is very outspoken. My friend wasn’t sure how to take her at first, but over time, Talla won her over with her friendly nature and genuine conversations. As a youth support worker, you need to have guts and confidence. And damn, she has just that.
I’m sure the producers casted her thinking she would be the next Jojo. I look forward to see if she falls into to her casted loud-mouthed stereotype ;).

BBCAN survival rating: 8/10

Suzette Amaya

Check out Suzette. An 37 year old aboriginal mom from Vancouver. Suzette seems very friendly and career-oriented. She is a radio host and motivational speaker. Which would freak me out if I was in the house. I wouldn’t want a motivational speaker manipulating fragile minds around me. Let’s HOPE she doesn’t tell them what she does for a living. Just stick to telling them you’re a radio host. That’s safe. I feel like she will lack in the physical aspect of the game, but if she plays her mental game right, she can easily get to top 5 AT LEAST.

BBCAN survival rating: 6/10

Danielle Alexander


Meet Danielle, a 20 year small-town belle who grew up in Fort McMurray, Alberta. She now resides in Calgary and it seems like they are trying to cast her as the “sweet southen gal”. Do they exist in Canada? If they do, I guess Calgary would be the place to find them. I blame the cowboy hats. She’s young, which may lead her to be easy prey for manipulation. I have a feeling she will go far, especially if she plays a Jordan-type game. Lay low, be nice and coast to top 3. I don’t look down on people who use this strategy, it’s a valid strategy and it worked well for Big Brother winner Jordan Lloyd. Danielle says, “I’m not a bi*@h, but I can be one if I need to”. Do I sense some cat fights with Talla in the near future? Probably.

BBCAN survival rating: 7/10

Aneal Joshua Ramkissoon


Say hello to 21 year old Aneal Joshua Ramkissoon (say that 10 times fast). He is from Richmond Hill, ON and is a Communications major. It’s interesting because he seems very analytical in his bio on Slice. Usually Communications majors are more “right-brained”. I’m just speaking from experience here folks. I’m not sure what to say about him… he wants to develop his Big Brother Canada experience into a thesis. Kinda lame IMO. He says he doesn’t like attention seekers which makes me wonder why he even auditioned for the show. If there is one place where you will find attention seekers, it’s on Big Brother.

BBCAN survival rating: 3/10

Emerald “Topaz” Brady


My name is Emerald, but you can call me Topaz. Haha uhh where do I even start with this one. Emerald is a 27 year old part-time dental hygienist and student from Scarborough, ON. She’s a huge fan of the show which will work to her advantage. Her pet peeve is dealing with messy people. I can imagine her running around the house yelling at everyone to clean up their shit. If she can keep her mouth shut, she might have a chance at this game. Unfortunately I won’t believe it until I see it.

BBCAN survival rating: 4/10

Liza Skinnier


Liza is a 29 year old tanning salon owner from Toronto, ON. Some might say she is superficial, and after reading her bio I can understand why. Her answers are very blunt and sound somewhat cocky. Some may say it’s her confidence talking but either way, being cocky in the Big Brother house usually doesn’t help. Others may find it hard creating relationships with someone like Liza, due to her mental tough nature. She says her mental game is unbreakable. I guess we will have to wait and see if her mentality stays the same throughout the game.

BBCAN survival rating: 4/10

Anuj ‘AJ’ Burman


32 year old AJ from Scarborough, ON. He is a Director of Business Development which means he likes to call the shots. He seems like the type who would get offended easily if things don’t go his way. He recently lost a lot of weight (good for you man!). Oh, and he he hates ignorant people. Don’t we all AJ, don’t we all.

BBCAN survival rating: 6/10

Emmett Blois


Say hello to Emmett Blois, a 24 year old Dairy farmer from Gore, Hants County, NS. I REALLY hope he has an east coast accent. Big Brother Canada wouldn’t be Canadian without one. He is proud dairy farmer and he wants to make sure all of his houseguests are aware of this. Emmett says Dairy farmers are probably the most trustworthy people around. Why dairy? What about other farmers? Can someone please explain this to me? Discrimination!

BBCAN survival rating: 5/10

Kat Yee


Yee, another bartender… greeeat. Meet Kat, age 27 from Toronto, ON. She looks like a tough cookie. Her strategy is to lay low and keep the target off her back. She says she will downplay her physical ability in order to get bigger threats out first. Finally, a smart strategy! Stick to it yee, you will go far. LIKE A KAT.

BBCAN survival rating: 7/10

Andrew Monaghan


Andrew, the “elder” of the group, 38 year old Insurance Sales Trainer from Halifax, NS (originally from Corner Brook, NL). He seems like a straight up guy who enjoys drinking some jars* (apparently that’s an East Coast reference for alcoholic beverages). I always feel bad for the “older folk” in big brother. It’s hard to make alliances with some of the wild youngins in the house. But no matter what age, a true Big Brother fan will excel no matter what the circumstances. Also, he says he won’t show people his “privates” because he is a respectable man. Haha! I was going to rate him a 5, but I decided to change it to 6 due to that last comment.

BBCAN survival rating: 6/10

Alec Beall


Fresh from Vancouver we have Alec Beall, a 26 year old Social Psychological Research/Doctoral Student. His role model is doctor Will and that makes me very happy. This guy seems to be fairly smart and athletic. A deadly combination if you ask me. He wants to find one person in the house who will be 100% loyal to him. Reminds me of chill town strategy. Not a bad idea…hopefully he doesn’t try to be Dr. Will because there can only be one. Being the puppet master is tough, but if it works out it makes for great entertainment. Good luck to you Alec. Manipulate dem bi***.
BBCAN survival rating: 8/10

Gary Levy


Introducing 21 year old stereotypical bartender, artist, and fashion stylist assistant, Gary Levy! Let’s hope he’s a funny guy. Every cast needs some type of comedian. I’m guessing he will cause a lot of drama in the house. Nothing wrong with that! My advice for him would be to lay low, make a strong alliance and try not to put himself in a position that requires constant attention-seeking. Most people find that annoying. With that said, I think that will be his downfall. Did I mention he’s a bartender? Yes… another one. They happened to recruit three bartenders. UNBELIEVABLE.

BBCAN survival rating: 5/10


Don’t forget: Big Brother Canada premieres Wednesday, February 27th at 9pm, on Slice.
To see full cast interviews, visit Slice.


Who do you think has the best chance at winning? Do you agree with my survival ratings?

Let’s chat about it! I want to hear from you.

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And yes, I did just play the Birthday card haha.

Happy BBCANning!

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  • nice review of the 15 hgs. so far i’m thinking danielle and alec will make final 2 but i’m looking forward to watching the first episode to get a better feel for all of them.

  • Why would someone from Nova Scotia have a Newfie accent??

    • That’s what I’m saying!!! Doesn’t make sense.. other than that, the review is okay.

      • East coast isn’t just newfies………

  • Awesome post, I’ll be sure to keep checking back 😀

  • Great reviews… but why would a guy from Nova Scotia sound like a Newfoundlander…. He’ll definitely have an east coast accent…. but Newfoundland is 800km away.

    • His bio says he is originally from Newfoundland – that would explain why he would have an accent – depending how long he left the Rock.

  • I don’t think someone from Nova Scotia will have a Newfoundland accent….

    • Lallster

      Haha that is indeed true. I thought he was from Newfoundland at first. I fixed it

  • Great take on the first 15 Houseguests to play Big Brother Canada!

    Although I do tend to agree with Easterner – the Newfie is more likely to have the Newfie accent than the dude from NS!

  • Wish there was someone from OTTAWA!

  • No one to represent “La belle province”? I’m thinking my video submission got lost in the mix…..


  • Suzette 4/10
    Andrew 3 /10
    talla 8/10
    aj is creepy 2/10
    aneal 9/10
    peter 7/10
    gary go home
    alec 7/10
    jillian 6/10
    danielle go home
    liza go home
    emmett player go home
    topaz 9/10 awsome
    tom cute but liar 7/10

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