Big Brother Canada host announced

New Big Brother Canada host Arisha Cox

New Big Brother Canada host Arisa Cox

Big Brother Canada has announced their very own Canadian Chenbot– Arisa Cox.

You may be thinking, “who is she?”

I decided to do some digging and it turns out she works for E! News. I figured we would get a host who has connections to E!/Entertainment Tonight. We have slim pickings in Canada after all. I thought we would get someone like Rick Campanelli  or Amanda Walsh. And yes, I did just name two old school Much Music VJs. Do you remember Pandemonium on Much? Amanda hosted that and it was great.

As for Rick, he is Italian and I fully support my fellow brothers on TV, especially if they are short… like me. Ha ha.

Anyways, back to the topic at hand. I’m looking forward to see Arisa in action.  No judgement here off the get go. Good luck to her on her new career and may Big Brother Canada be a hit. It better be! Or else my website won’t get any hits and that would suck major slop balls.

“I am ecstatic to be on board to host Big Brother Canada,” Cox said in a press release issued by Slice on Monday. “As a huge fan of reality television, and someone who has experienced living in a house full of cameras capturing my every move, I’m looking forward to meeting our Canadian houseguests to see how they play without getting played!”

Do you think Arisa will make a good host? She is originally from Edmonton, Alberta which is awesome because I am from there as well!

I’m eager to hear which Canadian host you wanted for Big Brother Canada. Leave a comment below or tweet me at @mikelalli.


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  • I honestly think she will do great! She seems energetic and vibrant and she knows a lot about the game which is a plus!

  • Hey Lallster, not sure if the intentional or not, but her name is Arisa… not Arisha 😉 Happy BBC viewing. Cheers!

    • *if intentional

    • Lallster

      Hey Desi, thanks for the info! I fixed it 🙂

      • Your welcome! Looking forward to reading your updates, salud!

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