Big Brother Canada 2 – Cast revealed – Let the judgement begin

Attention friends, the time has finally arrived. Slice has just released the Big Brother Canada cast for season 2!

Let’s take a look and check out my wildly superficial judgments of the cast members based solely on their photos, their bios, and where they reside from…

But first, read the SMALL PRINT
I don’t mean to offend anyone by this blog and if you do get offended… try not to take this so seriously. Each person in the house is talented in his or her own way and I respect them all. They signed up for this… and quite frankly, if I was on the show I would be offended if nobody wrote about me on the internet.

Let the judgement begin


Adel Elseri


First impressions of Adel? Well he’s from Edmonton so… E-town represent! (I am from Edmonton and for some reason I feel weirdly attached to local Big Brother Canada houseguests. Example: Talla + Tom). But enough about me. In three words, Adel describes himself as “The. People’s.Champ”. It’s kind of funny, but also kind of douchey.

He is a welder and an inventor, which I think is pretty damn cool. I bet we will definitely see some hot-headed moments from Mr. Elseri in the near future. He seems like the type of guy who will lose his temper if things don’t go his way. And you all know what happens when people can’t keep their temper in the Big Brother House… PURE COMEDY. He has a nice suit, though. Good luck, Adel!

BBCAN survival rating: 5/10

Andrew Gordon


What’s this? Someone from Calgary? AKA the rival city of Edmonton. (OK, I actually think Calgary is a really nice city, but don’t tell anyone). Andrew is a 27 year old restaurant manager. He describes himself as outgoing, energetic and intense. He seems like a smart guy… his strategy is to be “the gentle giant. I want everyone to perceive me as their best friend and not immediately as a threat. I want them to trust me. Then, once I establish some alliances and there’s more room to make power plays, I’ll make moves.”

I’m impressed, I think he will go far. Also, he kind of looks like Lane Elenburg from Big Brother 12, RIGHT?

BBCAN survival rating: 8/10

Anick Gervais


LOL I don’t even know where to start when it comes to Anick. She is a self proclaimed Reiki Master. I had no idea what that was so I looked it up and found out that Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation. I guess she is the master of that practice. “I want the money because I want to start a healing centre in the bush so this would be a great start to my business. I also love a challenge and this is a great challenge. On top of that I have kind of cocooned myself over the past few years and I haven’t really put myself out there like I used to. ”

I’m sure she has a great personality, but I really hope she takes a few business courses before starting a healing centre in the middle of nowhere.

BBCAN survival rating: 8/10

Arlie Shaban


Meet Arlie Shaban, the superfan of this season. He is currently unemployed, but he’s on Big Brother now so who cares? Not that I’m jealous or anything (OK I AM JEALOUS, UGH). He’s 25 years old from Claremont, Ontario. To be honest, I’m having a hard time reading this guy, he seems like a wildcard and that worries me. He says he is dishonest and his word means nothing. These are traits you need in the Big Brother house… but these skills are nothing without manipulation. I’m not sure if he is the kind of guy who can manipulate others? I guess we will have to wait and see.

BBCAN survival rating: 7/10

Heather Decksheimer


Heather Decksheimer is a 23 year old who works as a Model Agency Coordinator. She’s a fan of Rachel Reilly and she is a self-proclaimed flirt. She comes from a small town in Alberta called Barrhead, but she is currently living in Edmonton. Wow, these BBCAN producers sure love Albertans. I don’t blame them ;). Will she be the next Jordan or will she be the next Aryan? *gulp* Only time will tell…

BBCAN survival rating: 7/10

Ika Wong


Topaz? Is that you? Just kidding. There can only be one Topaz. This nice lady is Ika Wong. She is 29 years old and was born in Jamaica. She now resides in Thornhill, Ontario.  I hope she has smooth Jamaican accent. Plot twist: She is a momma who won’t take sh** from anyone.  Ika says, “I really hate people who are annoying but don’t realize that they’re annoying. They’re always saying things like “Why am I annoying, what do you mean I’m annoying?” – UGH.”

“I’m in it for the experience. Also, I haven’t really seen a mom like me on the show before. Usually I feel like you see more cookie-cutter moms. On top of that I don’t think there has been that many really good black female players – with the exception of Danielle (BBUS3) – where are they? I would like to be like Tiger Woods was for golf – the best and black!” Lol the best black. I suspect she will yell at someone before episode 6 airs. It will be great.

BBCAN survival rating: 5/10

Jon Pardy


Say hello to 23 year old Jon Pardy. He is from Clarenville, NL and is currently a student. His idol is Dan Gheesling (YES)! He classifies himself as fun, energetic and goofy. Do you even pardy, bro? Haha ok that wasn’t my best work, but whatever. “I’m probably not the tidiest guy. So I guess living in a house with me for a few months could get a little frustrating.” Uh oh, he just admitted he is filthy when it comes to tidiness, I feel like Ika will have a bone to pick with this party boy.

BBCAN survival rating: 6/10

Kenny Brain


Kenny Brain? More like Kenny Beard. HA! This guy is an interesting character… “I wear my heart on my sleeve and I’m a sensitive person. I cry very easily actually; Tim Horton’s commercials, every sports movie I have ever watched…basically every movie I watch.” I’m not going to say crying is a sign of weakness… but it kind of is in the big brother house. Play with your brain, not your emotions, people! Heck, if this guy plays with his beard he might have a chance. (Lol I don’t know what that means but I hope it made you chuckle).

BBCAN survival rating: 7/10

Kyle Shore


If non-italians created jersey shore, this guy would be the situation. He lives in Porter’s Lake, NS and his occupation is, “personal training and picking up ladies downtown”. Why downtown? Is that code for hookers? Or maybe downtown is the place to be in Porter’s Lake? Who knows. He describes himself as “jacked, charming and athletic”. Sigh. I don’t need to say more.

However, I’m sure he will have extremely high entertainment value. People enjoy hating on people like him, especially if they come across as arrogant.  I think he should  hangout with Jessie Godderz from BB10. They could spot each other at the gym. A huge target will be on his back from the moment he steps into the house, which is why I have to give him the lowest BBCAN survival rating.

BBCAN survival rating: 1/10

Neda Kalantar


LOOKOUT–Neda Kalantar in the hau5. She is a 22 year old freelance fashion stylist based out of Vancouver, BC. She may not look like it, but she is a big Big Brother Nerd. Neda is blunt and will say whatever is on her mind. This may hurt her game but if she is as fun as she claims to be then people will keep her around. I bet she will be a wild, clumsy drunk. Let’s see if the hot tub can handle her.

BBCAN survival rating: 6/10


Paul Jackson


Say hello to the dad of the cast, a 43 year old motivational speaker. He actually is a dad, I’m not just saying that because he is the oldest of the bunch. He was born in Cape Town, South Africa… which is pretty cool. What can I say about him? He’s pretty much the male version of Suzette.

BBCAN survival rating: 4/10

Rachelle Diamond


It’s time to meet the youngest house guest of the season, Rachelle Diamond. She is a student from Edmonton, AB who is, “loud, talkative and funny”. My advice to her would be to lay low, avoid conflict (especially with the other ladies in the house). Play with your brain. Pretend you are naive and make Edmonton proud.

BBCAN survival rating: 5/10

Sabrina Abbate


After reading Sabrina’s offical bio, I have to say she is my favourite so far. Her personality is positive and bright, I can see her being an a fan favourite. She is 25 years old from Montreal, QC. This is the quote that made me like her the best, “When I’m hungry, I’m the devil. Don’t put me on slop.”

I’m glad the producers chose a nice Italian lady, mainly because she is my culture and being biased makes me happy. I hope she has a good social game because she might not be the best at physical challenges. Forzza Sabrina!

BBCAN survival rating: 7.5/10

Sarah Miller


Sarah Miller is self-proclaimed prankster and I think that is awesome. It’s always fun to see light-hearted pranks in the Big Brother house. It’s even more funny seeing people overreact over little pranks. *Day dreams about Gina Marie losing Nick memorabilia*.
Sorry, I got distracted. What was I blogging about?

Sarah is a mortgage broker from Osgoode, ON. But she is currently living in BC. “I don’t like meanness or bullies. I dislike people who are mean for no reason or make fun of people for their appearance or background.” She is obviously a gryffindor. I have a gut feeling that she may be TOO nice, which could lead to her eviction if people think she is too likeable. Unfortunately, I’ll have to give her a low survival rating.

BBCAN survival rating: 4/10


Don’t forget: Big Brother Canada premieres Wednesday, March 5, on Slice.
To see full cast interviews, visit Slice.

Who do you think has the best chance at winning? Do you agree with my survival ratings? Leave a comment below.

Cheers to a new season of Big Brother Canada.

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  • Just to comment on Kyle talking about picking up girls downtown, he is most likely talking about picking up girls in downtown Halifax (Porters Lake is about 30 minutes outside of the city), as downtown Halifax is where the majority of the bars/clubs are located.

  • Lallster

    Good to know, thanks Jessica! I wasn’t sure what the actual size of Porters Lake was. Downtown Halifax makes sense.

  • With regards to the good black players, what about Kalia? Though I can understand if you dont’ want to include her – it’s hard to appreciate anyone in that season because of how hideously rigged it was, and because Boredom, Retch, Jeff Hantz, and Jordan took up 98% of the screentime either bawling or saying “Me me me it’s all about me.” I consider it like Redemption Island and the Family Edition of Amazing Race – it didn’t officially happen, and the winner has an asterisk by their name.

    Here are my thoughts on the cast:

    Adel: He also said that he wants to form an all-boys alliance. While powerful, I think he’ll have to adapt and try and form secret alliance(s) with some of the female players. If Big Brother 15 was anything to go by, Single-gender alliances have “Kick me” signs written ALL OVER them. The main reason Spencer survived all the way to the F3 was because he was willing to jump ship, and we can’t get casts as dumb as BB12 so they’re not going to just let a single-gender alliance walk all over them.

    Andrew: I think this guy can go far. The problem is, I think he’ll be targeted early like Tom and Emmett were. They were targeted because they were perceived as physical threats. His “Gentle Giant” persona will work for and against him – he might be targeted because of his prowess, but may be seen as not being the type to hold a grudge. Still, at least we won’t have an Andrew who is secretly a 640 year old vampire.

    Anick: I’m pretty much with you there. I think she’ll probably wind up epically failing some of those challenges that require memory.

    Arlie: Two things – he can either be another Ian, who knows how to keep the target off of his back and when he actually needs to play, or another Ronnie who winds up getting the entire house gunning for them.

    Heather: Hello BB1CAN Daniele clone! You may be a fan of Rachel, but I’m quite confident you’ll have what Rachel doesn’t: A social game and a personality. 😛 You might be more like Elissa – Mature and not as emotional.

    Ika: Hm. I do have to laud it with you, but I think one of her strategies as said on the Slice site may have a big flaw: She wants to get in an alliance of four (Which isn’t too bad), but she only wants to talk game to one or two people in said alliance. That’s a bad idea because then number four will easily figure out that they’re the fourth wheel and put you on the top of their list. You’ll want to talk game with other people specifically to try and manipulate others into thinking that you’ll take them.

    Jon: I hope that you realize that Dan made the same mistake that Russell Hantz and Rachel did in season 14 – sociopathically pushed his way through the game. Sure, the first… six or so people evicted (there’s a 15th houseguest) won’t have anything to say, and they’d have had time to cool off, but the last seven people you knock out have to LIKE you or at least RESPECT you if you want to win. That’s what Dan messed up on – he got it right the first time in BB10, and you can’t rely on getting lucky to be put with premade alliances and idiots like Rachel was.

    Kenny: Maybe. I don’t know if I can see him going pre-jury short of a major screw-up or getting stuck on the wrong side of an alliance. I can see him being one of the first jurors, if he doesn’t play his cards right. If you play the game with your emotions, you can wind up really screwing up.

    Kyle: Yeah, I’m sensing early boot (like Tom) here. Your comparison to Jessie from BB10 [not BB11 – he was wiser there.] is pretty spot-on.

    Neda: Rapunzel! Rapunzel! Let down your hair! 😛 I agree with you here that being blunt might really screw her over.

    Paul: Interesting to have someone from Saeth Efricah. I don’t entirely agree with you that he could be the next Suzette – while I can see where you’re going, I think he’ll probably wind up like Joe. Paul I think might be smart enough to lay low and not try and go after the motivational speeches until he’s in danger, but that might be all he has. I think at worst, he’ll probably be like Joe or Spencer – lasting surprisingly long despite being poor at competitions, but the main reason they get so far is because they’re not a target.

    Rachelle: Well whaddya know, the youngest one. I agree with you – I think her best bet would be to try and play like Jillian or Andy – lay low, and while doing so, get in on everyone’s game talk. That’s one reason the two won (And in Jillian’s case, it was also because she was nigh untouchable during the last few weeks.)

    Sabrina: Sacre-bleu! *is shot* I agree with you that she might be a fan favourite. I mean, she’s from Montreal, so she’ll surely have the Québecois support. Upon seeing her interview on the site, I wanted to say “PREACH IT SIS”. She acknowledges that while Dick and Rachel were strong competitors, they were QUITE annoying or vile. So many fans I see idolizing their show personae, without knowing that IRL, acting like that would make people want to stuff Marsha down your throat. She also has a great idea to lay low early – you don’t want to rock the boat, especially when people are relatively unaligned and will be ready to just gang up on the first target(s) to present themselves.

    Sarah: Brave, yes. However, I think you’re right – she might be too nice and wind up leaving early, like Danielle from BB1 Canada, or allow herself to be taken advantage of too much, like BB14 Danielle. (Seriously what’s with all the Danielles in Big Brother?!?)

  • “She is obviously a gryffindor” – that killed me! LOL

  • Lallster

    @ANPUMON – Awesome reviews. Thanks for sharing! I look forward to see how this season plays out.

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