Elle Varner feat. A$AP Ferg – Don’t Wanna Dance

Elle Varner Feat. A$AP Ferg – Don’t Wanna Dance



If you don’t know about Elle Varner yet, prepare yourself for one of the best R&B artists to emerge in the 2010’s in my opinion. Elle is no stranger to the music industry; her mother was a backup vocalist for Barry White and her father was a song writer/producer writing for the likes of Kool & the Gang so, stepping into the music limelight is in her blood. Having this musical background allowed Elle to know more about the music industry as well as to try to make a name for herself. She released her first album in 2012 titled Perfectly Imperfect and will be releasing a second album titled 4 Letter Word in the near future. Her single, “Don’t Wanna Dance” off of the second album, is probably one of my favourite r&b songs of 2014 and is the reason for my review today.

“Don’t Wanna Dance” has an old school R&B beat that takes you back a few years but, she has a good mix of lyrics and sound that keeps it modern. This song is exactly what you need to listen to when you’re just in a bad mood and don’t want to do anything. I mean, the first line, “If it ain’t my heart gettin’ stepped on it’s my feet,” is clever and relatable. She’s not out there trying fit in with what everyone else is doing but, rather being herself. Elle is the definition of a genuine music artist; she does not restrict herself on sound, and this song really showcases her range and total talent. Can’t wait to hear more of what she’s capable of in future!


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