A-A-to the L-I-Y-A-H

Can I just say this before getting into the review – I DO NOT support Chris Brown in any shape or form, however, because I heard he was doing a song using Aaliyah’s vocals, I had to check it out. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised how much I love this song (I still can’t stand Chris Brown, I’M JUST SAYIN!). What I will say about Chris Brown is that he did honour Aaliyah with this song while being tasteful in remembering such a great artist.


From what I understand, Aaliyah had recorded this song with another artist before her passing in 2001. As much as I hate to say it, Chris Brown’s voice works quite well with Aaliyah’s soulful sound to create a mid-tempo track you’ll be sure to remember. The highlight of the song, in my opinion, has to be Aaliyah’s verse around 2:55. It’s a bit surreal hearing her voice again as if she were still making music today and this shows how much talent she could have brought to the R&B scene if she were still alive. I’m glad that Chris used her vocals significantly for the song and not as a snippet.

All in all, I actually impressed with this song, even Chris Browns’ verse and I’m hoping this will do well on the charts.  Below you will find one of my favourite songs from Baby Girl, R.I.P.



What do you think about this Chris Brown and Aaliyah mash-up?

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