Sexy is Finally Back!

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It’s been almost 7 years since Justin Timberlake released his last album, FutureSex/Love Sounds, and my friends, let me tell you, I’m so glad he’s decided to put his acting career on hold to focus on more important things, bringing sexy back to music. So, you better move over Bieber, my man has finally returned to his reigning glory.

I was going to review the first single to come off the The 20/20 Experience titled “Suit & Tie,” but, to be honest, it just didn’t live up to all the hype. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an okay song but it should not have been picked as the comeback song everyone was expecting from Justin. Instead, I’m going to review “Mirrors” which was released a few days ago as a promotional single.



“Mirrors” is a mid-tempo ballad with elements of both pop and R&B truly reminiscent to FutureSex/Love Sounds. From the first listen I knew that Justin was officially back! You can tell his sound has matured as it has more depth compared to most songs you hear on the radio nowadays. No auto-tune or electro sounding instruments used here!  I’m also betting the king of music producing, Timbaland, had his hands on this track, which obviously equals instant win in my books. The only negative thing I could say about this song is that it runs 8 minutes too damn long, could have easily been done in roughly 4 minutes but hey, it might be Justified (I tried to be clever there, Justified was Justin’s debut album name for those that don’t know already; explaining it makes me seem less clever lol)

Expectations for Justin are set pretty high for this new album set to be released March 19, 2013 but if this song is a taste of things to come, it should be a good year for his musical career. Welcome back, Justin; the world is yours!


What do you think of “Mirrors”?

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  • J.T. – not my favorite artist, and I didn’t like how he played Janet Jackson (remember the nipple incident?). I might check this new album out.

    • Miss Ramdini

      Lol truth, open your heart up to Justin 😉

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