Miss Ramdini ~80’s Playlist ~

Well, it is 1:30 a.m. right now and I am wide awake for once – this is a momentous occasion and calls for a celebration! A celebration of a new blog post! I give you my favourite songs of the 80’s (I should have been born in the early 80’s lol 90’s music was never my scene :p) I’M JUST SAYIN! A fair bit of warning, some of these videos are bad lol but hey, it was acceptable in the 80’s 😉


1. Fleetwood Mac – Everywhere (IIIIIII I want to be with you everywhere)



2. Simple Minds – Don’t you (Forget About Me) (Who doesn’t love this song? One of my all time favourites!)



3. The Clash – Rock the Casbah (Great Song!)



4. Queen Feat. David Bowie – Under Pressure (Freddie Mercury had such an amazing range of voice, R.I.P)



5. New Order – Bizarre Love Triangle (Love it!!)



6. Prince – When Doves Cry (LOL this video…but you gotta love Prince)



7. Duran Duran – Notorious (I know, I could have put any other famous Duran Duran song such as “Hungry Like The Wolf” or “Rio” but this has got to be one of my favourite songs by them from the 80’s. Also, it was used in the Donnie Dark movie…SPARKLE MOTION!).



8. U2 – With or Without You ( Immortal song :D)



9. Salt N’ Pepa – Push It (PUSH IT REAL GOOD :@)



10. Michael Jackson – Thriller (How could I do an 80’s Playlist and not have the King of Pop?)



11. Bobby Brown – Every Little Step (Lol I don’t care what anyone says about Bobby Brown, the man has a good voice!)



12. Paula Abdul – Straight Up (This is my jam)



13. Madonna – Like A Prayer (Definitely an entrepreneur in the Pop music scene with always pushing the boundaries)



14. New Kids on The Block – You got it (The Right Stuff) (Such a catchy song!)



15. Janet Jackson – Rhythm Nation (One of her best videos, I must say :D)



16. Billy Joel – We Didn’t Start the Fire ( It’s a history lesson rolled into 4 minutes!)



17. Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight ( I get chills whenever I hear this song; love the lyrics)



18. George Michael – Faith (Classic!)



19. Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves me) (RIP Whitney)



20. Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up (LOL no joke, I actually really like this song…stupid Rick Roll crap ruined it lol)



I have other songs that I would love to put on the list, but alas, that will take too long. If you want to listen to more, I’ve created a playlist on YouTube.

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