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Miss Ramdini ~ Workout Playlist ~

BEHOLD, I have returned from the land of the lazy to bring you my first entry for the new year! A new year means resolution lists including spending less money, quitting bad habits, and of course, the ever elusive goal of working out. With that being said, I decided it would be a perfect opportunity to share some of the songs that can really motivate you to work harder at the gym or even exercising […]


Miss Ramdini ~Halloween Party Playlist 2014 ~

Good evening boys and Ghouls, welcome to Miss Ramdini’s Halloween playlist to terrorize y’alls neighbourhoods. What I love about Halloween is it’s the one day a year where non-cosplayers can show off their imaginations and be someone else for a day. It’s a festival of supernatural and scary beliefs where we can face our fears while also being entertained. Putting on a costume allows people to drop their guards and step outside of themselves. From […]


Miss Ramdini ~ Awesome Mix Vol 1. ~

First, if you haven’t watched Guardians of the Galaxy yet, stop reading this and go watch it. Seriously, I won’t even get mad. When you’re finished watching, come back and read this. I won’t give away anything of the movie, even if my inner Marvel Gangster is screaming to (I’ll save that for Miss. H to review) but, I will say that the music chosen throughout the movie was perfect! Relying heavily on past decades […]


Miss Ramdini ~80’s Playlist ~

Well, it is 1:30 a.m. right now and I am wide awake for once – this is a momentous occasion and calls for a celebration! A celebration of a new blog post! I give you my favourite songs of the 80’s (I should have been born in the early 80’s lol 90’s music was never my scene :p) I’M JUST SAYIN! A fair bit of warning, some of these videos are bad lol but hey, […]