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Hello fellow lovers of music, today I’ll be reviewing a Canadian band that deserves more recognition than they have now. Hollerado is an indie-rock band from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada with a very unique sound. They’ve already branched off into the U.S audiences playing at SXSW (South By Southwest), one of the biggest music festivals for original music and independent films in North America where the likes of The Beastie Boys, The Black Keys, and Muse have played. That in itself tells just how far this Canadian band has come. In addition, they were nominated for a Juno Award (Canadian version of The Grammy’s) in 2011 for Best New Group. Their new album titled White Paint was released February 26, 2013 with “Pick me Up” launched as their first single off the album.



Wow, this is one of the catchiest song’s I’ve heard in a good while and I must say, one of the most creative music videos. Actually, I’m not sure if creative is the word lol some might find it just messed up but that’s what makes it stand out from cliche videos, it’s quirky! Except for the kid in the video, he just scares me. This power-pop/rock song includes great female vocals backing the band and an awesome hook that pulls listeners into the crazy “Nalloonland”(whatever that means) that is Hollerado. “Pick Me Up” was an excellent lead single and well worth the listen. Hollerado is currently touring with fellow Canadians, Billy Talent.


If you fall back down, will Hollerado pick you? WELL?!


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