Calvin Harris ~ Tonight, We’re Drinking from the Bottle

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If you haven’t heard of Calvin Harris before you best keep reading. Hailing from Scotland, Calvin Harris is one of today’s top DJ’s creating huge hits such as “You Used to Hold Me” and “Ready for the Weekend” to name a few, Calvin Harris is back with a vengeance and ready to compose another new party anthem for the year featuring British rapper, Tinie Tempah titled, “Drinking from the Bottle.”  I have to admit though, some of the lyrics in the song are ridiculous but they’re so catchy that it doesn’t matter. After first hearing the song, I immediately thought “ZOMG EARGASM!” Haha, sorry if I sound like a YouTube commenter but I’m just being real. Four minutes and one second is not enough for me; I want MORE!

P.S – The title of this post should say “we’re” not “were.” Stupid thing won’t allow apostrophes lol I CAN WRITE!

Below is the lyric video and hopefully you kinetic type people will appreciate it 😉


Calvin Harris Feat. Tinie Tempah – Drinking from the Bottle



So forget about tomorrow; tonight, we’re drinking from the bottle 😉

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