Adele has got nothing on Florence

Miss Ramdini here back for round 2 of pulsating music from around the world. I figured I’d do a song that will probably be overplayed on the radio in about 6 months because North America is slow on music, so enjoy it while it’s still gold 🙂

Florence + The Machine have returned with their new single, titled “Spectrum” and I have to say, it’s one of the best songs I’ve heard off their Ceremonials album in my opinion. The song blends what I can only describe as baroque and pop to create a killer track. With a strong vocal performance, Florence Welch is mesmerizing whenever she opens her mouth (that’s what he said? Lol sorry, had to do it). This is a great up-tempo that definitely separates itself from the contemporary pop songs you hear on the radio nowadays. You can actually feel the dramatic energy and, if you will, spectrum of light, as Florence belts out the chorus. That’s right, even I can get a little sentimental sometimes.

To sum up, “Spectrum” will hopefully take Florence + The Machine to new heights and rhythm that will surely leave the rest in the dust. Also of note, the Calvin Harris remix to Spectrum is also pretty good and I actually heard that before the original but I still have a soft spot for untouched songs. If you’re looking for a good dancey tune, this is definitely the song for you; the music video is as epic as the actual song, SO TAKE NOTE!

P.S. – Florence’s hair and makeup reminds me of Kimber Benton from the 80’s cartoon Jem, so you know she’s legit 😉

Florence and Kimber       Florence                                Kimber

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