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Review – The Kindergarten Teacher.

Well Autumn is upon us, the leaves have turned their deep burgundy and the winter wind has come in and carried them away onto my neatly swept balcony. So as a tear may be shed for the end of late summer nights and we welcome the end of a year of growth; pull out your fall blanket, turn on your kettle, and cuddle in with your honey or in my case, my Netflix. This past weekend (October […]


That Southpaw Tho…

Well, well, well, now we all know Jake Gyllenhaal is an amazing actor, I mean have you SEEN Nightcrawler? He made you feel a un-easy as one ever could and he did it ever so calmly. He took you from one man who probably would bruise like a peach to one who welcomes a good blow to the face, it makes his character hungry for the fight. Yes I am talking about the newly released […]