Wolverine – Days of Future Past

Wolverine - Days of Future Past

What up Lallster world, let me introduce myself as, Halima, the Movie Mogul. I am new to the blogging world and thank you to the Lallster and Miss Ramdini for the great opportunity to write on this site. Here I will share my views and opinions about movies that entice the senses, make a person feel excited, happy, angry, sad, and over all in love with movies. So here we go…

The saga of X-Men continued with X-Men Days of Future Past (Don’t worry I will not give you any spoilers there are enough of those on the internet) the only thing I will tell you about this movie is expect to be taken on a ride that I along with other life long X-Men fans will always love. Now there are many things I can talk about this movie, from the blending of the past with a young Xavier (James McAvoy) with his future self (Sir Patrick Stewart), to the evolution of X-Men attire. But I have decided to start off my blogging days addressing one of my favorite characters.

It is fair to say that the majority X-Men fans have dreamed about the X-Men hitting the big screen well let’s say since it’s inception nearly 50 years ago. For myself when I first saw X-Men in theatres 14 years ago, my eyes lit up when I saw Wolverine fight in a little dingy bar in Alberta. With his adamantium frame Wolverine could crush a man’s hands on contact and really took no prisoners. Wolverine’s mutant ability of rejuvenation makes him ageless and well having Hugh Jackman play this character for more than a decade makes a saga of Wolverine much more enjoyable and provides a great sense of familiarity. Hugh Jackman brings the same sense of loyalty to the character of Wolverine as it is written in the comics.

Throughout the past decade we have see Wolverine’s evolution as true to the comics as can possibly be (of course they leave things out and fans become disappointed I really won’t mention Wolverine X-Men Origins). Although the movies have been done a bit schizophrenically the idea is still the same, he starts off as a child with claws that project from his knuckles, he grows into a man that has fought in a lot of wars, falls in love, gets experimented on, his bones are now made up of adamantium, loses his memory, go’s to Japan, joins the X-Men regains his memory, and now is expected to wear a blue spandex suit and fight the brotherhood of mutants. We have see a lifetime of Wolverine as a soldier of the X-Men but if there is anything X-Men Days of Future Past has thought us is that Wolverine has developed into a true leader of the X-Men and his twisted, complicated, yet beautiful journey has just begun.

At the end of the day this is just one woman’s crush on a character that defines what a loyal, no BS, mutant and man is. Please share your thoughts and feelings about this X-MAN and his team of mutants that have returned to the big screen to once again rid the world of the mutant haters out there.

Peace and Love.-H.


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