We are Groot

We are Groot

What up Lallster world! It has been a little over a month since the release of this movie that has reached $586 million worldwide, is thrilling, heartwarming, exciting and overall badass, need a hint? Well when you put a giant tree with a voice that oddly reminds you of a bouncer, a rodent with a charming yet wicked thing about him, a blue wrestler, a beautiful green assassin, and a funny and kind human together you get a team that rivals I say all other superhero teams of the summer. Yes ladies and gentlemen here is my take on Guardians of the Galaxy.
Thank you to Miss. Ramdini for not giving anything away, and you all should listen to her Awesome Mix Tape Volume #1. So this idea of combining blogs came about somewhere between holding up our bamboo stick on the table and calling it our own Groot and when we saw Starlord at Club Cosplay in Corona, Los Angeles, and his electronic dancing baby Groot.
I’ll be honest when I went to see this movie I did not have any expectations, and it turned out to be one of the best movie I have seen this summer. It kept me on the edge of my seat, and I was kind of sad when it ended. I will warn there may be some spoilers in here, but if you haven’t seen it already I am sorry and you need to buy a ticket right now. Skip work and school (although school is beneficial to you) and go see it. So let’s begin,

From the beginning I honestly thought this movie was going to make me cry, here you have a kid listening to his walk man his most prized possession, to the best of the 80’s in the form of a mix-tape given to him by his mother (it’s safe to assume so), as he is refusing to go into the hospital room where she lays fighting for her life. How could that scene alone not make you sad, but it was right in that scene where I thought this was going to get interesting…his mother said that he should have seen his father, a real “star” now if that doesn’t give something away I do not know what else will. And when you find out at the end of the movie that of course Starlord could withstand the hardships the Galaxy throws at him, even when he was floating in space to save Gamora how could you not think that Starlord is one of the greatest heroes of all time, and this is because he is human (for the most part) a human that remembers that dancing, laughing, music and the great people/aliens you have around you are all that matters in life.

Although Starlord appears to be the leader in this band of misfits, let’s take a minute and reflect on this band of misfits. Gamora, as Halloween is soon approaching and comic con’s, and cosplay is always in full effect I foresee many women dawning this green body paint, dark hair, and leather to great homage to this great assassin. Now it could be that I am not too familiar with these comics, but I feel that they didn’t portray Gamora to her full strength in this movie, I mean she is an assassin so how does she get taken down by a raccoon, tree and prisoner in the movie. Now that being said, seeing Starlorld’s world through the eyes of Gamora is an amazing thing because she is experiencing the simplest joys such as dancing and maybe even love for the first time and I felt that the audience relived all of that for the first time as well. Now I mentioned earlier that Racoon and the Tree, better known as Rocket and Groot. Let’s take a moment and a round of applause for these two. If you don’t really want to see this movie for Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana, go see it for these two. Now ladies, even though Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel are not physically in this movie it doesn’t even matter, they bring so much humor and badass-ness (yes that is the second time I mentioned bad ass) to the movie that you will be entertained beyond belief. Now yes a very unconventional team a raccoon and a tree, but they are a family. What family doesn’t need a smartass, butt-kicking, no BS person (rodent) in their life? Rocket’s stubbornness and really let’s face it swag makes him I dare say a gangsta! Yes gangsta, not in the Scarface way, I mean the God Father kind of way the Vito Corleone of Gangsters. A true gangsta, he handles business without the horse head in your bed kind of way. (But I would not put that past him for a chuckle or two). Accompanying him is Groot. Oh Groot. With the use of 3 words to communicate, that no one understood until the end Groot made you feel safe. Being this oversized tree, he was like the big old teddy bear that looked out for your best interest. I mean sure, executing the escape prison scheme did not go as planned , and we were sad to see him hit his head many times, but he was literally the root of the group, he was the one who sacrificed himself for the team. And I for one am very excited to see little Groot grow up into a fine strong tree. Now last but not least. The muscle, Drax the Destroyer. Usually (besides the Rock) I do not care for wrestlers in movies, because you never really know…but David Batista I thank you. He was a great fit! Even though I am still not too sure what Drax destroyed, all I know is I would want him on my side for a fight. He is loyal, will fight for you and once he stops drinking can be level headed.

But I can go on and on about this movie. From Benincio Del Toro’s and creepy collector ways to Gamora and Quill dancing under the stars. From its music to the action and beautiful imagery this movie will want you wanting more. But feel free to share and comment below. We are Groot!

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