The last quarter mile.

Hey Lallster world, I know it’s been a while…but between watching Empire and life sometimes movies take a back seat. But today’s blog is about the biggest opening movie this past weekend. Yes that’s right, get your NOS, safety belts and brace yourself for Furious 7. Stop reading now if you do not want any spoilers!

First off I did not notice this until I was waiting in line to see this movie; they dropped the Fast and just made it Furious. For myself I relate the change to this title came about after Dominic Toretto was visiting a badly beaten tank…I mean Hobbs in the hospital, and having Deckard Shaw (brother of Furious 6’s Owen Shaw who wants revenge) blow up the Los Angeles home as his nephew, second time pregnant sister, and common law brother-in-law, were in the front lawn made things personal and he was thoroughly angry.

So there it is in the first 15 min of the movie we have the basic back story of this movie. Fans have been waiting for this movie since they saw the end of the last one, especially since they were made aware that Jason Statham was introduced as the next big baddy, Deckard Shaw. Can we take a moment and applaud Mr. Statham for his portrayal as an assassin that one wanted on their team; in other words, a machine. I mean you know you’re a machine when you are body slammed by the Rock of all people and you get the hell back up. I mean the man showed up in Abu Dhabi as they crashed that gorgeous sex on wheels Lykan Hypersport through 3 towers, single handily terrorized the hospital staff at the hospital his brother was in, and still ended up in prison after having concrete fall on him. Deckard Shaw could not have been cast as anyone else but (as my mom likes to call him) Jason.

Now thinking about it this movie was a bit all over the place with Letty struggling to remember her past, its bad guys, and sub plot which goes a little like this, Now to find Deckard Shaw to take him down, the team needed an invention called God’s eye, which was created to pick up someone’s every move through any camera, cell phone, game etc. within a two mile radius, and link it to the central system so that individual could be pin pointed and everyone wants this creation for their own reasons, and will literally stop at nothing from getting it. (Sorry city of Los Angeles). I know what you’re thinking; yes the shows are called Person of Interest and Big Brother.

But like the others before no one came for the story, they came to see Dom, Letty, Mia, Tej, Roman and of course Brian reunite for one last ride. For me this movie was about the fact that I grew up with these characters, and trust me we all got better looking. We were taken back to Race Wars, Tokyo, the Dominican Republic, to corona’s and family. This movies buzz wasn’t about the cars, or the races; it was about Paul Walkers last quarter mile.
Thank you to Cody and Caleb Walker for stepping in. Now we all wondered how they would do it, (and like Oliver Reed in the Gladiator) they CGI’d his face on to his brothers bodies. Overall they did an amazing job. I mean you knew that he was unable to complete half the movie; and to anyone who feels sideways about this understand that they postponed the movie for quite some time and even thought about scrapping the whole thing. They waited a year after the man’s death to put this movie out and even then I can imagine it was one of the hardest things they had to do. This movie provided great closure to fans alike with a wonderful tribute to not only the character, but to a humbled, charming and beautiful soul with him on a beach with family, then taking that last quarter mile going off to a better place.

We saw fast cars, beautiful men; kick ass women listened to great music, and spent 15 years in a great thrill ride. Now I know there are different views of this movie, share, comment, go see it.

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