Suits, gadgets, and a homage to your dad’s James Bond

Better late than never; the first movie review of the year is here! With spoilers; so in other words go see this movie!

Since the beginning of 2015 I’ve seen 4 movies, and out of the 4 the best one would have to be Kingsman: The Secret Service.
So let’s get on with it shall we…
I’ll be honest; when I first saw this trailer in the fall of 2014 I had very little expectation of it being mined blowing. And as I generally compare spy movies to that of the James Bond collection I am very happy that this move beautifully proved me wrong.
We start off the movie on a mission as any good spy movie would, providing back story to the later characters, foreshadowing relationships that would later develop, and building an anticipation of maybe that kid will grow up to be a super sexy, super suave, super spy one day and his mother would be proud of him. And naturally it does.
We meet a young man, hoodlum really, by the name of Eggsy, who as a young child was raised by his mother because his father was a spy who died protecting Queen and country. Eggys is just like any young man you meet on the street with his baseball cap, Adidas sneakers, and slouchy jeans (thankfully not hanging off of his ass), and just wants to make something of himself because he has great potential but doubts himself because of the lack positive influence in his life. He gets into trouble calls for help from the number given to him by Harry Hart the spy his father risked his life for, and then starts his journey into becoming a member of the Kingsman. And then saving the day and world from deathly programmed SIM cards that when triggered will turn people into absolute beasts and they start killing each other. Oh it could happen. Nothing comes free.
I will not forget the moment when this movie won me over. Although there were many moments that naturally would. There was the time Harry Hart’s (Colin Firth) aggression was triggered and he began shooting and asking questions later in an epic scene in the church; Eggys’s (newcomer Taron Egerton) transformation into a gentlemen (well because I always knew he had it in him. The man looks amazing in a suit), the time Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson) had a McDonald’s dinner on fine china, Merlin’s (Mark Strong) multitasking in monitoring an armed bunker and getting fellow spy Roxy (Sophie Cookson) into space. (Round of applause), and the moment you found out that Arthur (my absolute favorite Sir Michael Caine) was the head of Kingsman. But the moment that made me fall in love with this movie was when the bad ass Gazelle (Sofia Boutella) cut Lancelot (Jack Davenport) in half with her samurai amputated legs (well excuse the hell out me while I got hide in the corner). Don’t get me wrong I was sad to loose Jack Davenport but damn, cheers to bad bitches everywhere and she was one of them. So I guess you could say this movie had me from the very beginning.
This movie is filled with action, things and people blowing up for the guys, Colin Firth, Taron Egerton, Samuel L. Jackson, Sir Michael Caine and Mark Strong for the women (moment of appreciation for damn fine men in beautiful suits please), Christian Grey who? And laughter for everyone!
This movie proves that you could become more than what you thought you could be and you have great potential to be anyone you want.


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