Kristy T – Feel it Now

First of all, let it be known, that my friend, Kristina, is going to be big one day, and you’ll hear her music first here on Lallster. I’m very proud and excited to be able to review her latest single, “Feel it Now,” as well as share it with you all. She has worked very hard to get where she is at and you can hear the passion she brings with her voice. I’ve known Kristina (or should I say, Kristy T) for a little more than a year now and I’m grateful we’ve become good friends in sharing our love for music as well as all things geek related. AND NOW, the main event :|!

When I first heard “Feel it Now,” my first thoughts were “OH EM GEE!” Lol it really was though. I would describe it as being a pop power ballad featuring strong vocals and powerful lyrics. The melody and production makes me feel like this is a perfect “made for radio’ song. If you’re looking for a song with greater substance than the likes of “Big Booty” or whatever, this is the song for you. Kristy T bridges the uptempo pop/rock and the raw organic sounds with “Feel it Now” and I can see her breaking into mainstream music very soon.

For those who are interested in supporting her efforts and to just listen to her amazing voice, please check out her Youtube page as well as her Facebook page. I’ll have the links below. CONGRATS KRISTY T ON YOUR NEW SINGLE!!  — Youtube Page Page


Kristy T – Feel it Now



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