Ed Sheeran – Don’t

Ed Sheeran – Don’t



Words can not describe how much I love Ed Sheeran’s voice! I just jumped right in there with no introduction or anything but, it needed to be said and I do what I want. Just a brief overview of Ed’s music career, he is a English singer and has been nominated for multiple awards including, a Grammy, World Music Award, and of course, a Brit Award. The diversity and honesty he presents in the majority of his songs is refreshing and surprises even myself. He’s one of those rare singers that is a self-taught songwriter able to fuse numerous genres. All I want is for him to play at my wedding some day, yeah, I said it. I just fangirled for a moment and I regret nothing. AND NOW for something completely different (but not really) ONTO THE REVIEW!

Before anyone says “Don’t” doesn’t “sound like Ed Sheeran,” you might want to check out his older work, the ones before his albums. If you listen closely to the lyrics, you get a sense that this song is about an unnamed pop singer *coughEllieGoulding* reminiscent to Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River” – fearless and a little venomous but, I like when people do things for spite. What makes this song stand apart from your typical rejected lover song, is that it tells a very real story true to his heart, and it has a great beat similar to “No Diggity”; I’m absolutely vibing on the hip-hop/r&b influence. How he sings it with a semi-rap, telling a story, compliments his passionate voice.

Now I will show you why I want him to sing at my wedding one day, BEHOLD:


Ed Sheeran – Give Me Love





Ed Sheeran – I See Fire



I hope you approve of my fangirl moment, don’t judge me 🙂

Miss Ramdini

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