BB14 photocap: Boogie wears dumb shirts

Another successful Big Brother 14 episode has come and gone. Unfortunately “bad boy” Willie is gone so there will be less hot air in the house.

Apparently he got arrested for a DUI. I guess he was drinking away his pain.

On to the photocap…

Shane: Frank, I gotta tell you something

Frank: Oh yea? What’s up man?

Shane: My nipples are the same colour as my lips.


no caption needed.


Dan: Danielle,  from this point on, you’re on your own.

Danielle: Are you serious? You actually expect me to play Big Brother by myself?

Dan: Yea… isn’t that why you’re here?


I can assure you, my nipples and lips share the same colour.


I’ve dated a lot of shrooms.


Listen ya’ll. The reason you’re on the block is because your hair just isn’t as good as mine.


Jojo: That Mexican competition was stooopid. Where’s my Italian sausage?


Jojo: I really wish I had some Italian sausage…


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