Annabelle-The reason I will refuse to get my future daughter a doll.

What up Lallster world. So it’s around the corner, the event that calls for candies, cavities and costumes. Yes Halloween is Friday and I for one am excited about it. I personally love Halloween, it has nothing to do with the idea of being something/someone else for an hour or two, or the copious amounts of sweets; for me it has always been about the movies. I love scary movies, not the blood and gore of it but the supernatural of it. Its the adrenaline, the mystery behind the book, the cursed object, or the “Did you see that move?!” This blog is dedicated to one of those movies, it is dedicated to the newly released, Annabelle.

To those unfamiliar with Annabelle, it is the prequel to the 2013 movie “The Conjuring.” The movie starts off the same place “The Conjuring” did, with the Warrens in the company of a pair of nurses explaining the fact that the creepy doll moves on it own. And so the story goes on to explain how they came to own the doll, from the previous owners.

So the back story starts off innocent enough, a young couple are expecting their first baby and as any couple would they have a little dispute and because the husband feels guilty he buys his wife a doll to complete her collection. Now watching this movie I thought why would any woman want such an ugly doll! And when I say ugly I mean ugly and I for one will never understand why anyone has a doll collection. But knowing the history of Annabelle actually being a Raggedy Ann doll and not a porcelain doll I understand why the producers wanted to use the most horrific doll I have ever seen. Raggedy Ann is not so scary even with a demon behind it. But the homage they pay to the actual Annabel by having a blonde Raggedy Ann doll hanging around their apartment complex is a good effort for the Legend’s followers. The dolls appearance is not my only issue with this movie, I also found the fact that the wife wanted to keep the doll after she told her husband to throw it out and the spirit that possessed it, almost burned down their house down with her in it, an issue. Why would a woman who almost made her loose her baby want to keep the source of her problems. And she still doesn’t get rid of it even when the demon that is attached to it, causes a blackout in their apartment, breaks the elevator from the basement and chases her up the stairs. Oh and not to mention the fact that the mother leaves her baby everywhere unattended knowing full well that the demon is after her baby.

I know that it sounds that I am hating on this movie, but I did quite enjoy it. Despite the fact that I built it up in my head to be scarier then it really was. With the music that builds up great anticipation, and the story of a mothers sacrifice for her baby this movie delivers screams. From a creepy lady pulling a priest out of his church, the demon lunging at the mother’s friend from the ceiling, to the same demon stalking you in a dark storage cellar, Annabelle will keep you scared for a good day especially if you watch three episodes of Supernatural after. And let’s not forget the fact that it’s based on a true story of a doll, being possessed by a woman name Annabelle Higgins who was a gift to a nursing student and then locked away by Ed and Lorraine Warren with a please do not touch sign.

If you’re looking to be scared this next week go see Annabelle. Let me know how you feel, comment below.

Happy Halloween!

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